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YOU ARE WELCOME - become a part of the Krzywy Domek's success!

The Krzywy Domek is located in the very heart of the Tri-city in the middle of the Monte Cassino boulevard in Sopot. Comfortable, spacious and hospitable interiors with the panoramic lift and escalators, as well as the unique architecture make the KRZYWY DOMEK one of the most attractive commercial real estates in Poland. We have two entrances to the building:

- from 6 Haffnera St. - the entrance to offices, medical and service premises, as well as to the shopping centre,

- from 53 Bohaterów Monte Cassino St. - the entrance to catering and entertainment premises, as well as to the remaining part of the building.

We offer you a wide range of premises to let, including the specificity of your office, commercial, service activities and the common area with the possibility of organizing parties, events, exhibitions and vernissages.