Premises to let

The KRZYWY DOMEK – the perfect place for business!

We present the most unique and original commercial real estate in Poland.

The marvellous location and most notably its functionality make this real estate attractive. The building’s finishes are top quality and meet A-class requirements. The standard finishes include floors covered with milled rock tiles, mahogany window and door frames. The building is insured, monitored 24 hours a day by several dozen CCTV cameras and protected by guards.

Since we pay attention to the comfort of your work, we also do the cleaning and carry out all repairs and maintenance. You can also use the underground parking. The commercial space is on the first floor of the Krzywy Domek. At present restaurants, cafes, a book store, shops and service points are located there. The second floor is occupied by dentist’s surgeries, beauty salons, the optician’s office, offices of the real estate, RMF FM radio and the like. The office space is on the second and third floors.

THE KRZYWY DOMEK – detailed offer

  • Rent rate per 1 m2 – the attractive rent rate fixed individually,
  • Operating costs per 1 m2 – PLN 25 + VAT,
  • Additional value per 1 m2 - EUR 1 + VAT,
  • Indexation of payments: once a year by the CPI EUR inflation rate,
  • Payment security: deposit or bank guarantee equalled to the three-month rent (rent + operating costs),
  • Top-quality finishes that meet A-class requirements,
  • Possibility of combining the premises and of dividing and decorating the premises at your discretion,
  • Three lifts in the building, including one panoramic lift,
  • Spacious and comfortable corridors,
  • 24-hour security system and monitoring of the building,
  • System of the electronic access to the premises – magnetic cards,
  • The state-of-the-art technical solutions: sprinkler system, fire alarm system, air conditioning, cooling system and structural wiring,
  • Wooden doors with illumination,
  • Wooden window frames,
  • Water – in separate rooms on the floor – in toilets and staff rooms,
  • Electricity – a switchboard in the premises – meters in the common switchgear,
  • Unlimited number of phone lines – we have our own telephone exchange,
  • Possibility of using free of charge kitchens equipped by the Lessor (without white goods),
  • Parking lots in the underground parking,
  • Minimum rental period: 12 months.